Citation issued: July 28, 2011

aaron murray lessing

Citations are issued by the Law Society of BC's Discipline Committee and list allegations against a lawyer which will be considered at a discipline hearing. Please note that allegations in a citation are unproven until a discipline hearing panel has determined their validity.

Nature of conduct to be inquired into:

1. In 2008 and 2009, in the course of representing yourself in matrimonial proceedings in B.C. Supreme Court between yourself and your former spouse TL, you failed to comply with the following orders which resulted in an order pronounced on June 4, 2009 finding you in contempt of court:

a. Order of Madam Justice Smith pronounced August 25, 2008, paragraph 7, requiring you to produce specified documents by August 29, 2008,

b. Order of Master Scarth pronounced April 14, 2009 requiring you to provide a list of documents and produce specified documents on or before May 7, 2009, and

c. Order of Master Tokarek pronounced May 20, 2009 requiring you to produce specified documents on or before May 27, 2009.

This conduct constitutes professional misconduct or conduct unbecoming.