Member's Manual

The Law Society Member's Manual contains three main sections, each available online and for downloading. Lawyers are encouraged to use the online version of the manual, which is the most current. However, if you wish to purchase a paper copy, please contact Communications and Public Relations.

Legal Profession Act
Law Society Rules
Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia (BC Code

Note: The Professional Conduct Handbook was replaced January 1, 2013 with the new Code of Professional Conduct for British Columbia. The numbering system in this final version of the BC Code differs from the draft Code published in June 2012. Numbering in the BC Code is keyed to the Federation of Law Societies’ Model Code of Professional Conduct. Because a few provisions of the Model Code were not approved by the Benchers for inclusion in the BC Code, numbering is not consecutive in some places.

Amendment packages

Member's Manual amendment packages are published periodically throughout the year and can be downloaded, printed and inserted into the Manual:

Print version of member's manual

Updated to include the September 2014 amendment package 

Legal Profession Act  (PDF)
Law Society Rules  (PDF)
Code of Professional Conduct for BC (PDF)
Insurance Policy No. LPL 14-01-01  (PDF)
Articling Guidelines  (PDF)


A new Member's Manual can be ordered for a fee:

Complete Member's Manual  - $75 plus tax

Member's Manual contents only  - $50 plus tax

Member's Manual empty binder with tabs  - $25 plus tax

To order or for further information.