Law Society of BC anti-money laundering initiatives


  • Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act comes into force


  • Law Society of BC takes a prominent role in a national working group for the development of model regulations to fight money laundering


  • Adoption of the "No Cash Rule" against receiving $7,500 or more in cash
  • Introduction of anti-money laundering education component to the Professional Legal Training Course for admission to the bar


  • Introduction of compliance audit program of trust accounts


  • Client identification and verification rules are introduced


  • Second round of compliance audits


  • Law Society's Code of Professional Conduct for BC comes into effect and includes a requirement that "A lawyer must not engage in any activity that the lawyer knows or ought to know assists in or encourages any dishonesty, crime or fraud"


  • Law Society of BC participates in a new national working group to strengthen regulatory rules to fight money laundering


  • Consultation on new draft regulations to fight money laundering
  • Donald Franklin Gurney disciplined for using his trust account to receive and disburse $25,845,489.87 on behalf of a client without making reasonable inquiries about the funds and without providing any substantial legal services 


  • The Law Society adopts a plan to re-audit law firms in high risk areas and to conduct compliance audits of law firms that primarily practice in the areas of real estate and wills and estates every four years.