News Release
March 15, 2006

VANCOUVER — Pursuant to its statutory duty to govern BC’s legal profession in the public interest, the Law Society of BC has disciplined the following lawyers (the lawyer’s year of call to the BC Bar and location of practice appear in parentheses). Full hearing reports are posted on the Law Society’s website at

Hugh Braker, QC (1984, Port Alberni) admitted his failure to respond to Law Society correspondence constituted professional misconduct. A hearing panel ordered that he pay a fine of $1,500 and costs of $2,237.

Shawn MacDonald (1989, Vancouver) admitted that he breached Law Society accounting rules by failing to record the receipt of funds from a client and her husband. A hearing panel accepted Mr. MacDonald’s admission and proposed penalty of a fine of $1,500, costs of $2,500 and the imposition of a condition that he retain a certified general accountant or chartered accountant to review his books and records and provide quarterly reports to the Law Society for two years to confirm he is complying with accounting rules.

Kenneth Joseph Spears (1987, West Vancouver) admitted professional misconduct in that he breached Law Society accounting rules; that he was involved in a conflict of interest by preferring one client over another and by failing to account to one client for money received in trust; and that he failed to respond to Law Society communications. A hearing panel accepted Mr. Spears’ admissions and his proposed penalty of a two month suspension beginning March 13, 2006, a reprimand, a fine of $8,500 and costs of $10,000.

The Law Society of BC is the governing body of the legal profession in BC. It is an independent organization that sets standards for the education, professional responsibility and competence of lawyers in the province. For more information on the regulation and discipline of lawyers see the “Regulation and Insurance” section of the Law Society’s website.

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