News Release
June 07, 2011

Vancouver – A former Prince George lawyer who has admitted to professional misconduct will not be considered for reinstatement as a lawyer for at least five years.

Jacqueline B. Levesque withdrew from practice in January 2010, after a Law Society investigation revealed that she had engaged in improper conduct including paying herself funds on two files on a contingency fee basis when there was no written contingency fee agreement with the client, making unprofessional and rude statements about an adjudicator of Indian Residential School claims, and breaching an undertaking by failing to pay money owed to another lawyer in a timely way. Levesque also used false information in the securing of loans from two lending firms on behalf of a client and then improperly borrowed that money from her client.

Levesque has admitted to violating Law Society rules related to these allegations and others in the Agreed Statement of Facts and has agreed not to apply for reinstatement until the five-year term is complete.

The Law Society of British Columbia regulates the more than 10,000 lawyers in the province, setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct that ensure the public is well-served by a competent, honourable legal profession.




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