News Release
July 04, 2013

Vancouver – Facing nine allegations of professional misconduct, lawyer Grant Qing-nan Meng has admitted wrongdoing and resigned.

Meng, a Vancouver lawyer practising primarily in the areas of residential real estate law and corporate law, denied dishonest intent but admitted to the Law Society that he failed to comply with his obligations related to trust accounting and the handling of trust funds to such a degree that it amounted to misappropriation.

Meng also admitted his conduct was contrary to the Law Society Rules and the Professional Conduct Handbook and amounted to professional misconduct.

As a result of the admission, Meng has undertaken:

To retire and to cease membership in the Law Society of BC effective September 1, 2013;

To never apply for reinstatement to the Law Society of BC;

Not to apply for membership in any other law society without first advising the Law Society of BC;

Not to permit his name to appear on the letterhead of, or to work in any capacity for, any lawyer or law firm in BC without obtaining the consent of the Law Society.

Until his resignation on September 1, 2013 Meng may only operate his trust account with a second signatory who must be a practising lawyer. Meng is also required to provide trust accounting records to the Law Society on a monthly basis.

The Agreed Statement of Facts can be found by searching the online database.

The Law Society of British Columbia regulates the more than 10,000 lawyers in the province, setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct that ensure the public is well-served by a competent, honourable legal profession.


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