News Release
November 13, 2018

A hearing panel of the Law Society has accepted a consent proposal ordering the disbarment of former lawyer Nida Chaudhry for professional misconduct in relation to misappropriating funds held in her trust account, withdrawing trust funds contrary to Law Society rules, failing to honour a trust condition, improperly affixing her electronic signature to a mortgage form, and failing to adequately maintain accounting records.

Between July 2012 and February 2014, Chaudhry misappropriated or improperly withdrew $6,154.97 in client trust funds by making 13 withdrawals from her trust account contrary to Law Society rules. During the same period she withdrew trust funds in purported payment of fees without first preparing a bill, withdrew trust funds when there were insufficient funds held to the credit of the client, failed to honour a trust condition imposed on her by opposing counsel on a real estate file, affixed her electronic signature to a Form B mortgage filed with the Land Title Office when she did not have a copy of the mortgage in her possession, failed to maintain her accounting records in accordance with Law Society rules, and on more than 200 additional occasions failed to comply with Law Society rules with regard to withdrawing funds from her trust account.

The hearing panel’s written reasons are available here.


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