News Release
July 04, 2019

Former Coquitlam lawyer Roy Swartzberg has admitted to professional misconduct in connection with five separate client matters. The Law Society has accepted Swartzberg’s admissions on the condition that he does not practise law or apply to be a member of the Law Society of British Columbia prior to June 5, 2026.

Swartzberg admitted to misleading clients over the course of a number of years with regard to the status of their court actions, fabricating court documents, acting in a conflict of interest by accepting gifts from one of the clients, and failing to provide his clients with the quality of service expected of a competent lawyer.

Swartzberg ceased practising law on November 21, 2016 and resigned his membership in the Law Society as of June 5, 2019. Should he apply for reinstatement after June 5, 2026, he would have to satisfy a credentials hearing panel that he is of good character, fit to practise law, and that he would comply with any conditions or limitations on his practice that may be imposed.

Swartzberg’s admissions can be found in the Notice to Admit, which is available on the Law Society website.


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David Jordan
Communications Officer