April 16, 2019

The Benchers have established a Licensed Paralegal Task Force to consult broadly with the profession and others to identify opportunities for the delivery of legal services by licensed paralegals that would benefit the public in areas where there is a substantial unmet legal need.

The task force will consider the scope of services that would be appropriate for licensed paralegals to provide, and the education, qualifications, credentials and experience necessary for licensed paralegals to deliver legal services in a competent and ethical manner. The task force further develops the work of the Alternate Legal Service Provider Working Group and will take into consideration consultations by the working group along with comments at the annual general meeting last year.

Members of the task force are Trudi Brown, QC (Chair), Michael Welsh, QC (Vice-Chair), J.P. Boyd, Nancy Carter, Didi Dufresne, David Dundee, Joanna Recalma, Michele Ross and Ashley Silcock.