News Release
May 14, 2020

Former Surrey lawyer Daivd Jacob Siebenga has admitted to professional misconduct, in the face of discipline. Siebenga is a former member and has undertaken not to apply for reinstatement to the Law Society prior to April 23, 2035.

Siebenga misappropriated a total of $63,829.52 on 415 occasions by reversing stale-dated cheques and paying the reversed amounts into his firm’s general account and paying unresolved balances held in trust to the firm’s general account. Prior to a compliance audit by the Law Society, he participated in creating 197 false statements of account to justify the misappropriations. In two trust reports to the Law Society, he incorrectly answered a question that asked if his practice had outstanding stale-dated cheques when he knew or ought to have known the answer was not true.

Should Siebenga wish to apply for reinstatement to the Law Society when his undertaking expires in 2035, he will have to satisfy the Law Society’s Credentials Committee that he is of sufficiently good character and repute to practise law in BC.

A summary of the facts, and the terms of his undertaking not to practise law in BC or apply for reinstatement to the Law Society for 15 years, will be made available shortly.


For further information contact:

Vinnie Yuen
Communications Officer