News Release
February 19, 2020

A hearing panel of the Law Society has ordered that former lawyer Seanna Michelle McKinley be disbarred for professional misconduct.

McKinley was found to have committed professional misconduct by intentionally misappropriating client funds; facilitating the breach of a court order; breaching undertakings; making misrepresentations to other lawyers; attempting to mislead or obstruct the Law Society; and failing to comply with her accounting obligations.

In determining the disciplinary penalty, the panel considered the intentional and prolonged nature of McKinley’s conduct and the potential for irreparable harm to public confidence in the integrity of the legal profession. The panel also considered McKinley’s failure to participate in the Law Society’s disciplinary process. She was not present at the hearings, did not provide an explanation for her absences and has not communicated with the Law Society since January 2018.

McKinley was placed on administrative suspension on April 11, 2016, and her suspension continued until she became a former member on January 1, 2017 for non-payment of fees. The order for disbarment takes effect immediately.

Written reasons for the hearing panel’s decision on facts and determination are available here and the hearing panel’s decision on disciplinary action are available here.


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