News Release
September 16, 2020

The Law Society has launched Rule of Law Matters, a podcast series that draws from real-life, current events that explain the concept of the rule of law, how the rule of law is threatened or undermined, and what it all means to the public.

In the pilot episode “Introduction to the rule of law,” host Jon Festinger, QC and Law Society president Craig Ferris, QC discuss why the podcast was created, the basic principles of the rule of law and why people should care about the rule of law more than ever in our increasingly polarized society.

To listen to the Rule of Law Matters podcast, visit the Law Society’s website, or find the episode on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts.

The Rule of Law Matters podcast is one of the ways the Law Society is fulfilling its strategic plan goal of improving public confidence in the rule of law and the administration of justice.


For further information contact:

Vinnie Yuen
Communications Officer