News Release
February 18, 2020

The government’s proposal to establish a “no-fault” regime will make significant changes to auto insurance in BC that will impact individuals who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. These changes include doing away with the right of accident victims to apply to the courts for a determination of what is fair compensation for their injuries in the face of an unfair offer from ICBC.

“The right of legal assistance and the right to have disputes about fair compensation for motor vehicle accidents determined by the courts are rights that should not be set aside simply to solve ICBC’s problems,” said President Craig Ferris, QC. “The Law Society is concerned that individuals who are injured in a motor vehicle accident, through no fault of their own, will find themselves alone in dealing with an insurance monopoly that historically has focused more on cost reduction than assisting those in need.”

“We are concerned that the proposed regime will discourage seriously injured and disabled accident victims from getting the legal advice they need,” President Ferris added. “The Law Society will be bringing our concerns to the attention of the Attorney General and Minister responsible for ICBC, as well as other Members of the Legislative Assembly.”


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