News Release
February 06, 2020

The provincial government’s announcement that it will be introducing no-fault insurance and changes to the Evidence Act in relation to motor vehicle litigation is likely to have significant effects on the compensation of victims of damages arising from motor vehicle accidents. The Law Society, whose statutory object is to protect the public interest in the administration of justice, will be closely monitoring the situation and consider its response to further developments.

The proposed changes reintroduce limits on expert reports and will place caps on compensation for disbursements in litigation that is available in the transition period preceding the no-fault insurance scheme. The announcement also contemplates a significant alteration in how disputes between accident victims and ICBC over compensation entitlements will be addressed by increasing the role of the Civil Resolution Tribunal in place of the courts.

“The Law Society is going to have a careful look at what is being contemplated,” said President Craig Ferris, QC. “We are particularly concerned about the potential impacts on those individuals who, due to unforeseen events, are injured and have a right to ensure that their compensation is fairly determined.”


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Vinnie Yuen
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