December 09, 2020

The Benchers have adopted a new strategic plan that will guide the Law Society over the next five years. The plan lays out the Law Society’s mission, vision, core values and organizational goals and initiatives, and it builds upon the progressive and innovative direction that has been taken to address the disruption of the pandemic and create a more resilient justice system for British Columbians. The plan combines initiatives that the Law Society can deliver and goals that can be achieved by working with others.

Over the 2021 to 2025 timeframe, the Law Society will focus on:

  • innovative improvement of regulation and education of the legal profession;
  • working toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in the justice system;
  • taking action to improve the availability of affordable legal services and access to justice;
  • promoting diversity in the legal profession; and
  • increasing public confidence in the Law Society and administration of justice.

These five objectives will be pursued in tandem with work the Law Society is already undertaking, including implementation of previously approved priorities. For more information, read the Strategic Plan 2021-2025.