News Release
December 14, 2020

A hearing panel of the Law Society has ordered that Brock Anthony Edwards be suspended for professional misconduct. The two month suspension will commence on January 1, 2021.

The panel determined that Edwards misused the court process while representing himself in matrimonial proceedings by paying costs to the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program rather than to the opposing party, contrary to a court order, in order to frustrate and increase legal costs for the opposing party; by stating his intention to bring another application because he believed it would result in the opposing party having to pay her lawyer more; by filing two requisitions that were purportedly by consent, when he should have known that no such consent was given; by threatening and instituting legal proceedings for an improper purpose; and by using the court process as a means of harassing and intimidating the opposing party.

In ordering the two month suspension, the hearing panel considered the very serious nature of Edwards’ misconduct and the consequences on his former spouse, his former spouse’s partner, their children, opposing counsel, the court process and the legal profession. The panel considered his 12 years of experience practising law to be an aggravating factor, as he would not have been able to pursue the course of action he did had he not been a lawyer with significant court experience.

For the full written reasons, see the hearing panel’s decision on facts and determination and decision on disciplinary action.


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