News Release
November 04, 2020

The Law Society has launched an innovation sandbox and is inviting proposals from individuals, businesses and organizations who are seeking to provide services that address the unmet legal needs of British Columbians. Those admitted to the innovation sandbox will pilot legal services and advice under the supervision of the Law Society.

Proposals to enter the innovation sandbox must include a summary of the services that the providers is proposing to pilot, who are expected to be clients, how the services will increase access to justice, as well as information about the provider and an assessment of any risks to the public. The Law Society will review proposals, as well as monitor the effectiveness of the proposals that are approved as pilots.

“Survey after survey, in BC and other jurisdictions, reveal that a significant percentage of the public is not benefitting from the advice of a lawyer to assist with their legal problems,” said Craig Ferris, QC, president of the Law Society. “The innovation sandbox is a forward-thinking approach that allows us to test and monitor whether individuals and businesses who are not lawyers or law firms can make affordable legal services available to British Columbians who currently get no legal help, while still ensuring there are proper safeguards to protect the public.”

To find out more, or to submit an application, visit the Law Society’s website.


Vinnie Yuen
Communications Officer