Notice to the Profession
September 08, 2021

Attendance at BC courts

Although the vast majority of lawyers entering BC courthouses have been cooperating fully with the sheriffs implementing the courts’ screening protocols, there have been a number of incidents where lawyers have not respected the process or cooperated fully while being COVID-screened at courthouse entrances. 

Sheriffs take their responsibilities seriously and undertake the often thankless task of screening for COVID at the entrances to our courthouses. The profession is reminded that all those entering courthouses, including counsel, need to respect the COVID screening process and the sheriffs conducting the screening. The same consideration should be given to the efforts of staff in Courthouse Libraries BC facilities to ensure a safe environment when in the libraries. 

If you are attending a courthouse, allow sufficient time to complete the COVID screening. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. If you are in a hurry, remember that the sheriffs are conducting the screening to protect everyone attending court.