January 29, 2021

Victoria lawyer Constance D. Isherwood, QC died Tuesday, January 26 at the age of 101. She had a long and impressive history of serving clients and the public, practising primarily in real estate, family and civil law at the law firm she opened with her late husband in 1963 until the day she passed away.

Isherwood was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of British Columbia in 2015 and was the first woman to receive the Law Society Award in 2016. Dr. Isherwood was one of only six women in her graduating class at the University of British Columbia law school in 1951, and the first woman to receive the Law Society’s gold medal awarded to the graduating law student with the highest cumulative grade point average.

Throughout her career, Dr. Isherwood served as a role model and mentor for many young women lawyers. In addition to her law practice, she was active as a volunteer and community leader throughout her life. She served as Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia for over 30 years and contributed to local arts and music organizations.