News Release
November 26, 2021

The Law Society has applied to the Law Society Tribunal for a review of a hearing panel’s decision on penalty in Law Society of British Columbia v. Guo. In its decision on facts and determination, the hearing panel found that Guo had misappropriated trust funds from some clients, in order to replace funds missing from other clients’ trust accounts that were needed to complete pending real estate transactions.

The Law Society is seeking a review of the hearing panel’s decision to suspend Guo for one year. Although the Law Society had sought Guo’s disbarment as the appropriate disciplinary penalty for misappropriation, the hearing panel considered the misconduct to have been motivated by an intention to ensure pending transactions completed in time, and took notice that all clients were eventually indemnified.

The suspension has been stayed pending the outcome of the review. A date for the review board hearing has not been set and will be posted to the website when it is scheduled.


For further information contact:

Jason Kuzminski
Communications Director