News Release
February 19, 2021

A hearing panel of the Law Society has ordered that lawyer Kenseelan Gounden be suspended 16 months beginning March 1, 2021 for professional misconduct.

Gounden admitted that he improperly submitted some $3,524.99 in expense claims to his employer over a period of nearly one year, and to altering airfare receipts, airline tickets and accommodation receipts to seek reimbursement for more than the original value of the expense. Gounden also admitted he submitted claims to his employer that contained expense claims that had previously been submitted to another organization, and did not pertain to his employer. The panel accepted that the evidence established conduct that is a marked departure from what is expected of a lawyer.

In determining the disciplinary penalty, the panel found there are mitigating factors that support a suspension with conditions, rather than disbarment. These include Gounden’s lack of prior discipline history, his admission of the misconduct, evidence that he had experienced previous traumatic events and has been taking steps to rehabilitate himself, as well as letters of reference and the restrictive practice conditions proposed.

Written reasons for the hearing panel’s decision are available here.


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