News Release
August 03, 2021

Lawyer Larry David Routtenberg has admitted to professional misconduct and consented to be suspended for 10 weeks, beginning August 7, 2021.

Routtenberg admitted to professional misconduct by misappropriating or improperly withdrawing client trust funds on 19 occasions, totalling $1,055.12, to clear out aged trust balances. He also failed to send invoices to clients prior to the withdrawals from trust. He was alerted to the impropriety of his actions during a Law Society compliance audit and immediately returned the funds to trust. He later paid the funds to the clients or applied to remit them to the Law Society. At the material time, he was suffering from a medical condition.

The Law Society’s Discipline Committee Chair accepted a consent agreement between the Law Society and Routtenberg that set out the ten-week suspension, as well as a written commitment from Routtenberg that he will not handle any trust transactions for two years.

For details, read the summary of the consent agreement.


For further information contact:

Vinnie Yuen
Communications Officer