Notice to the Profession
October 19, 2021

In this 2021 Bencher Election, contested elections will be held in Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Westminster, Cariboo and Kamloops. In all other districts, Benchers continue without election or are elected by acclamation.

2021 Bencher Election: Benchers Declared Continued without Election or Declared Elected by Acclamation

For Districts No. 1 (Vancouver), No. 4 (Westminster), No. 5 (Kootenay), No. 6 (Okanagan), and No. 8 (Prince Rupert).

Under Law Society Rule 1-5(4), the President, and First and Second Vice-Presidents continue to serve as Benchers without further election until completing their terms as President, thereby reducing the number of Benchers to be elected from the County of Vancouver (District No. 1) from 13 to 11, and from the County of Westminster (District No. 4) from 3 to 2. The following Benchers are declared to continue in office without election:

  • District No. 1 (Vancouver) – two fewer Benchers will be elected because 2022 President Lisa J. Hamilton, QC and 2022 Second Vice-President Jeevyn Dhaliwal, QC are each from Vancouver County.
  • District No. 4 (Westminster) – one fewer Bencher will be elected because 2022 First Vice-President Christopher A. McPherson, QC is from Westminster County.

Under Law Society Rule 1-24, the following candidates are elected by acclamation:

  • District No. 5 (Kootenay) – one to be elected: Barbara Cromarty
  • District No. 6 (Okanagan) – one to be elected: Michael F. Welsh, QC
  • District No. 8 (Prince Rupert) – one to be elected: Sarah Westwood

Information about the candidates for each of the contested elections will be published on the Law Society website once the order of names on the ballot has been determined in accordance with Law Society Rule 1-28