May 26, 2022

The Law Society is seeking input regarding the development of standards for compensating and limiting work hours for licensing candidates completing their practical training and work experience known as “articling.”

Currently, all licensing candidates are required to complete articling to be licensed as a lawyer in British Columbia. Law firms and lawyers who oversee candidates during this period have considerable influence over their future. While a survey showed that most candidates have positive articling experiences, some report being underpaid or unpaid for their work.

Professional regulators, professional associations, along with non-profits, public-interest and poverty law organizations who employ licensing candidates, and other interested members of the public, are invited to share their expertise and perspective on effective ways to set standards for minimum compensation and maximum hours of work that ensures licensing candidates and legal employers – particularly sole practitioners, small firms and public interest law organizations – are treated fairly.

Further information is available in the consultation paper. Comments should be emailed to Consultation@lsbc.org by 5 pm on Tuesday, June 28, 2022.