News Release
February 03, 2022

A hearing panel of the Law Society Tribunal has found former lawyer Aaron Murray Lessing to be ungovernable and has ordered that he be disbarred, effective immediately.

The panel found that Lessing committed professional misconduct by failing to provide full and substantive responses during investigations into five separate complaints against him. The panel concluded that Lessing’s persistent and long-standing failure to respond compromised the Law Society’s ability to conduct its investigations into complaints brought forward by the public, which undermines public confidence in the disciplinary process and the legal profession.

In ordering the disbarment, the panel considered Lessing’s escalating pattern of misconduct as evidenced by his extensive professional conduct record, which includes multiple violations of the Law Society’s rules and code of conduct, five administrative suspensions, a practice standards practice review and two prior citations.

The panel’s decision on facts and determination is available here and the decision on disciplinary action is available here.


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