News Release
March 03, 2022

Attorney General David Eby has approached the Law Society to seek our involvement in modernizing the regulatory framework for all legal professionals in BC. The Law Society welcomes the opportunity to engage constructively with the Ministry of Attorney General and others on development of a framework to consolidate the regulation of all legal professionals under a single regulator dedicated to the public interest.

 “In 2012, the Law Society’s board recognized the value of a single regulator for all legal professionals delivering services to the public,” said Lisa Hamilton, QC, president of the Law Society. “Having all legal professionals overseen by one regulator improves consistency in the regulation of legal services which enhances protection of the public, creates efficiencies and aids efforts to improve access to legal services across the province.”

 “We expect that creating a unified regulatory regime will involve consideration of both the governance and operations of the unified regulator,” said Don Avison, QC, executive director and chief executive officer of the Law Society. “As we engage with the Ministry of Attorney General, the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia and others, we will work to ensure that the framework for a single regulator protects the public, improves access to legal services and continues to recognize the fundamental importance of independent legal professions.”


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Jason Kuzminski 
Director of Communications