News Release
November 30, 2022

Vancouver, November 30, 2022

The LSBC Tribunal has ordered that Nanaimo lawyer Marc Andre (Eckardt) Scheirer be suspended for six-months following a hearing to determine the sanction in relation to a previous decision that he engaged in professional misconduct in regard to two allegations.

First, Scheirer has been found to have failed to provide the quality of service required to his client by failing to: keep his client reasonably informed; take substantive steps to advance his client’s matter; provide prompt service to the client; and maintain an appropriate file to document his dealings with and advice to the client.  Second, Scheirer has also been found to have acted dishonorably and without integrity in regard to his actions while meeting alone with the client at his home.

The panel has determined that a six-month suspension is appropriate in light of the seriousness of Scheirer’s misconduct. The sanction confirms to the profession that “such misconduct is unacceptable, and also addresses the foundational obligation of the Law Society to protect the public interest in the administration of justice and to maintain the public’s confidence in the Law Society as a regulator of lawyers in the province”.

In addition to the suspension, Scheirer has also been ordered to pay costs to the Law Society of $24,086.84.

The full decision is available here.

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