July 14, 2022

The LSBC Tribunal, an independent tribunal which adjudicates regulatory cases involving BC lawyers and licensing candidates, has launched its own website: https://LSBCTribunal.ca.

The new website makes it easier for the public, legal professionals and media to access information about regulatory process and hearings. It has been designed for intuitive navigation, with a search function, links to consolidated case histories, a calendar view for upcoming hearings and access to hearing decisions. Visitors to the LSBC Tribunal website will also be able to find information about the tribunal, its legislation, rules and forms, and guides for hearing participants and the public.

The Law Society’s website (http://lawsociety.bc.ca) will continue to provide the public, lawyers and licensing candidates with information about how to raise a concern about the conduct of a legal professional, and it will also be a source for news regarding disciplinary decisions and information about regulatory admissions, consent agreements and its alternative discipline process.