News Release
October 06, 2022

Vancouver, Oct. 6, 2022 – Surrey lawyer Thomas Paul Harding has been suspended from the practice of law for two months after the LSBC Tribunal found he committed three instances of professional misconduct.

All the instances of professional misconduct involved Harding making untrue and uncivil comments about a lawyer on the defence team of a personal injury matter. The panel observed that Harding has a pattern of firing off a catchy but pejorative sentence without thinking of its impact and that the circumstances of this hearing are not a "one off" situation. The panel noted that Harding’s professional conduct record was one of the most significant factors in reaching its decision as there are now decades of this behaviour.

The panel concluded that fines have proven insufficient and a suspension is needed to give Harding time to reflect on where this behaviour is taking him in his career, and to finally take the steps needed to stop.

The full decision can be read here.


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