News Release
December 15, 2022

Vancouver lawyer Paul Otto De Lange has agreed not to practice law for 15 years after admitting to professional misconduct related to representation of clients and trust accounting rules.

The agreement comes after De Lange admitted to multiple instances of misconduct, including the use of his trust account to receive approximately $21.8 million and disburse $1.6 million without making reasonable inquiries about the circumstances of the transactions. De Lange also accidentally paid out funds held in trust to a client twice, resulting in a shortage, and admitted to other conflicts of interest and breaches of trust. De Lange did not misappropriate any client trust funds or engage in any dishonest conduct.

The resolution was approved by the Discipline Committee and the admission of professional misconduct recorded on his professional conduct record. After 15 years, a mandatory credentials hearing will be required if De Lange applies for reinstatement.

The full agreement can be read here.


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