August 18, 2023

BC lawyer Leonides Tungohan has received a three-month suspension for professional misconduct and has been ordered to pay $12,000 in costs to the Law Society.

The hearing panel found that Tungohan committed professional misconduct when he breached a hearing panel order by failing to submit reports to the Law Society for four reporting periods from March 2019 to February 2020. The order was made as a result of a previous decision on disciplinary action in 2015.

In ordering the three-month suspension, the hearing panel took into consideration Tungohan’s professional conduct record, which includes several instances of misconduct relating to trust accounting requirements and the handling of trust funds. 

Tungohan does not currently possess a practising certificate. The suspension will begin once Tungohan’s practising certificate is reissued, which is conditional upon his compliance with certain conditions..

The decision on facts and determination can be found here and the decision on disciplinary action can be found here.