July 14, 2023

Law Society of BC Benchers unanimously approved the Indigenous Engagement in Regulatory Matters report and recommendations at the July 14, 2023 meeting.

The objective of the report, created by the Indigenous Engagement in Regulatory Matters Task Force, is to identify systemic barriers experienced by Indigenous complainants and witnesses, and propose solutions to establish and maintain culturally safe and trauma-informed regulatory processes. The report addresses the Law Society’s need, and desire, to reconcile its processes with Indigenous legal principles.

The recommendations include taking steps to build relationships, gain trust and become more proactive in preventing harm to Indigenous persons and communities and, more generally, the public. The Law Society will now begin implementing the recommendations of the report while ensuring there is effective oversight to protect the process.

“The resolution to adopt the recommendations of the IERM report is perhaps one of the most consequential and positive developments in my eight years at the Bencher table,” said Law Society President Christopher McPherson, KC. “Implementing the recommendations from the report is an important step toward meaningful reconciliation and ensuring our regulatory processes are accessible and culturally safe.”

The Law Society is committed to communicating regularly about the progress of implementing the recommendations, as well as continuing to engage with Indigenous stakeholders throughout the process.