March 10, 2023

The Benchers have unanimously agreed to ask the government to bring amendments into force to allow for the licensing of paralegals.

During the March 10, 2023 meeting, the Benchers were asked to consider whether the Law Society should ask the government to permit the licensing of paralegals by bringing into force the amendments to the Legal Profession Act in Bill 57 – 2018 Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2018.

Following a thoughtful discussion of the proposal, including recognition that licensing paralegals can make a difference to increase access to justice for the citizens of British Columbia, the Benchers voted unanimously to ask the government to bring the amendments into force.

The Benchers also directed the Executive Director to take the necessary steps to provide for the licensing of paralegals in anticipation of the amendments being proclaimed in force.

The Law Society expects the amendments could be proclaimed in force as early as this spring and that the procedures and necessary rules could be in place before the summer.

In the meantime, any inquiries about licensing, or how to become licensed, can be directed to