January 06, 2023

West Vancouver lawyer Mark Sager, who is currently mayor of that district, has been issued a citation that alleges he committed professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming a lawyer and breached the Legal Profession Act.

The allegations against Sager relate to the preparation of a former client’s will, in addition to his subsequent conduct as executor of that client’s estate. Sager’s alleged misconduct occurred between 2010 and 2020.

The citation alleges Sager acted in a conflict of interest by preparing the will, in which he was named trustee of a life interest and received absolute discretion to use estate funds to travel to England in circumstances where his client had not received independent legal advice.

Sager is alleged to have withdrawn up to $40,000 in executor fees and $24,113.25 in management fees prior to receiving signed releases to do so. He is also alleged to have improperly withdrawn up to $8,801.03 from trust when he was not entitled to those funds.

The citation makes further allegations that Sager failed to maintain the required records and administer the estate in the best interests of the beneficiaries. Sager is alleged to have acted in an additional conflict of interest by investing estate assets with his spouse without the beneficiaries’ knowledge or consent.

Sager applied to have the citation issued anonymously. His application was dismissed and the applicable decision of the motions adjudicator is located here.

A hearing date will be set in 2023. The full citation can be read here.


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