December 13, 2023

We are looking for your feedback to help identify the knowledge, skills and other attributes necessary to become a competent lawyer in BC. Your views will help inform a new licensing system for entry-level candidates. In order to ensure your voices are heard, the deadline to complete the survey has been extended until December 18, 2023.


The Law Societies of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are working together to identify and validate the competencies needed for entry to legal practice. This initiative will result in the publication of a Western Canada Competency Profile (WCCP) that will help inform lawyer training and education, including bar admission program development and experiential learning opportunities. A survey has been developed to gather your feedback on the competency profile.

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Why develop a competency profile?

A competency profile identifies the knowledge, skills, and other attributes necessary to perform the essential duties expected of, and entrusted to, lawyers in BC. The WCCP will be used as the foundation of a new licensing system in which licensure candidates can acquire and demonstrate competence at an entry level.

As communicated last September, the Board approved the development of a competence-based system for licensing of legal professionals in BC, beginning with the development of a Competence Framework. This work also aligns with our Strategic Plan to introduce alternative pathways for entry into the legal profession.

About the survey

The WCCP Task Force — a diverse group of practitioners, educators, Benchers, articling supervisors and other key stakeholders from across the four provinces — has drafted the competency profile. A third-party consultant, ACT Inc., conducted focus groups in July and August with key stakeholders to collect feedback and refine the draft.

The purpose of the survey is to receive input from the profession on the draft WCCP and for lawyers to provide further information on the competencies required for entry to legal practice.

The anonymous survey takes about 25 minutes to complete and participation is voluntary. You will be asked to rate the components of the competency profile and answer a brief professional background questionnaire.

ACT is using the Qualtrics platform to collect anonymous responses. Responses will be deleted from the Qualtrics server one month after the survey closes and the data collected will not be shared publicly. No personally identifying information will be collected or reported. If you require technical assistance with the survey, contact ACT