November 20, 2023

Hong Guo has been disbarred from practising law in BC after being found ungovernable by a Law Society Tribunal hearing panel.

In the decision to disbar Guo, the hearing panel took into account her lengthy and serious discipline history consisting of numerous conduct issues covering different circumstances dating back to 2012.

Four hearing panels, including the most recent, made wide-range findings of professional misconduct, including misappropriation and other mishandling of trust funds, breaches of trust accounting rules, conflicts of interest, misrepresentations and false representations to clients and the Law Society, failure to supervise staff, and breaches of undertakings and Law Society orders.

Guo’s discipline history is also replete with concerns about her practice and file management, competence and ability to co-operate with the Law Society.

Guo met many aspects of the test for ungovernability, including a lengthy discipline history, repeated breaches of undertakings, a consistent and repetitive failure to respond to the Law Society’s inquiries and a pattern of misleading behaviour directed at both the Law Society and clients.

In addition to disbarment, Guo was ordered to pay costs of the hearing, the amount of which will be decided at a later date.

The full decision is available on the Tribunal’s website.

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