September 08, 2023

Nanaimo lawyer Brett Robert Vining has been fined $7,500 to resolve misconduct relating to inappropriate comments he made to a client.

Vining acknowledged that in 2021 he made comments to his family law client about an alleged rumour regarding the sexual history of a member of the judiciary. The comments were discourteous, uncivil, offensive or otherwise inconsistent with a lawyer’s obligation to maintain a courteous and respectful attitude toward the court.

The hearing panel took into consideration Vining’s professional conduct record, which included two conduct reviews that were related to his lack of professionalism in 1991, and mishandling of cash receipts in 2021.

Vining must pay a fine of $7,500 and costs of $1,000, inclusive of disbursements, within 90 days of the panel’s decision.

The hearing decision can be found here.