The Benchers thank all those who volunteered their time and energy to the Law Society in 2017.

Whether serving as members of committees, task forces or working groups, as Professional Legal Training Course guest instructors or authors, as fee mediators, event panellists or advisers on special projects, volunteers are critical to the success of the Law Society and its work. 

Thanks to our 2017 volunteers:

Ralston Alexander, QC

Rita Andreone, QC

The Honourable Suzanne Anton, QC

Patricia Barkaskas

Kathryn A. Berge, QC

Joseph J. Blazina

Joose Blom, QC

John Borrows

Nancy Carter

Nicole  Change

Candace Cho

Tom Christensen, QC

Jan Christiansen

John W. Conroy, QC

The Honourable Thomas Cromwell

Kasandra B.Cronin

The Hourable Justice David Crossin

Greg DelBigio, QC

Odette Dempsey-Caputo

Tina Dion, QC

The Honourable David Eby, QC

Peter Edelmann

Anne Egler

Michael Feder

Jon Festinger, QC

Jay Fogel

Leah George-Wilson

Amir Ghahreman

Richard Gordon, QC

Alden Habacon

Celeste Haldane

Gavin H.G. Hume, QC

Claire Hunter

Veronica L. Jackson

Grand Chief Edward John

The Honourable Justice Stephen Kelleher

Peter Kelly

Derek  LaCroix, QC

A. John Lakes

Julie Lamb

Gregory Lee

Ellen Leno

Peter Lloyd

Melissa Louie

Christie Lusk

The Hourable Justice Leonard Marchand

The Honourable Len Marchand Jr.

Lori A. Mathison

Maxine Matilpi

Alex McCrae

Michael McDonald, QC

Hugh S. McLellan

Bruce Mclvor

Wes Nahanee

Suzanne Narbonne

Linda Parsons, QC

David Paul

Richard Peck, QC

The Honourable Steven Point

Stephen Price

The Honourable Justice Robert Punnett

Michah Rankin

The Honourable Marshall Rothstein, QC

Linda Russell

Paul Schabas

Teresa  Sheward

Kerry Simmons, QC

The Honourable Judge Patricia Stark

Joanne Taylore

Linda Thomas

The Honourable William Veenstra

Ardith Walkem, QC

Kenneth Walker, QC

Steve Warnett

Angela R. Westmacott, QC

Jean Whittow, QC

Ryan Williams

Edward Wilson

The Honourable Madam Justice Janet Winteringham

Jean Wittow, QC

Henry C. Wood, QC

Mary Woods