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Please note: As the regulators of lawyers, the Law Society must remain objective and therefore cannot provide referrals. If you are looking to find a lawyer for the purposes of obtaining legal advice, click here.

Welcome to Lawyer Lookup. This tool contains information about BC lawyers.

Use the search tool below to find a BC lawyer's contact information, date the lawyer began practising in BC (call date) and current practising status. If a lawyer has a discipline history*, restrictions on his or her practice, or if there are any current regulatory proceedings, information will be displayed in the search results.

To find out if a lawyer has been disciplined by the Law Society as a result of a citation, you can also search the Law Society's Hearing decisions and admissions database. To find out if a lawyer is currently under citation, you can also check current citations and hearings.

The Law Society provides a list of all unauthorized practitioners since September 2003, including related court documents. Search the database

Locate lost files and wills

FOR BEST RESULTS, type the lawyer's last name only, in full or in part (minimum of two letters). The results will appear at the bottom of the page.

For more information about Lawyer Lookup, including definitions of some of the terms used on this page, please see this important notice.

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This service is provided to permit you to search for individual lawyers you may wish to contact on a professional basis or to verify their status. The information is not to be used for any commercial, marketing or fundraising purposes.

* Any discipline history prior to September 2003 will not appear in the search results. If you are interested in the discipline history of a lawyer prior to September 2003, please contact the Law Society at 604.669.2533 or 1.800.903.5300 (toll-free within BC) / TTY 604.443.5700. Not all discipline history with respect to a particular lawyer will necessarily appear in the search results. Please view this Important Notice for information about Lawyer Lookup, what information is contained in Lawyer Lookup, and for definitions of terms used on this page.