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Legal Courses

Engaging with a Private Investigator (EWPI) - Ongoing

Novel Data Investigative Learning Inc.
Course name
Engaging with a Private Investigator (EWPI) - Ongoing
Available to everyone
Primary target audience
  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Law Students
  • Continuing Professional Education or Licensing Program for Another Profession
  • Other
Course no.
Start date
End date
Total course hours
Family law ADR qualification course hours
0.00  -  Mediation
0.00  -  Arbitration
0.00  -  Parenting Coordinator
0.00  -  Family Violence

Practice area
  • Administrative (including labour, immigration, regulatory bodies)
  • Civil litigation – defendant (including commercial, other non-motor vehicle)
  • Civil litigation – plaintiff (including commercial, other non-motor vehicle)
  • Commercial – other
  • Commercial lending transactions – borrower (may include a real estate component)
  • Commercial lending transactions – lender (may include a real estate component)
  • Corporate
  • Creditors’ remedies – defendant (including builders’ liens, foreclosure, insolvency)
  • Creditors’ remedies – plaintiff (including builders’ liens, foreclosure, insolvency)
  • Criminal
  • Family (excluding incidental real estate, wills and estates)
  • Intellectual property
  • Lawyering skills
  • Motor vehicle – defendant
  • Motor vehicle – plaintiff
  • Non-legal topics sufficiently connected to the practice of law
  • Practice management
  • Professional responsibility and ethics
  • Securities (reporting companies)
  • Wills and estates
Delivery method
In-house program
Engaging with a Private Investigator (EWPI)

Designed to highlight and demystify the capabilities of a Professional Investigator. Content is client-focused toward Insurance Companies, Associations, TPA's, Case or Claims Managers, Independent Adjusters, Paralegals, Lawyers, SIU, Corporate Investigators & Security as well as Public and Private Corporations.

The course or session, will detail and outline in general what should be expected when hiring an investigator and engaging with an Investigative firm. What is a modern Professional Investigator, why is experience, equipment and training the determining factors in the success of any investigation? How has the Investigative Industry changed and how are things evolving. The course or session will also highlight some industry standards and optimal engagement processes or protocols with investigative companies, best practices for engagement, standards, KPI’s, SOP's and expected outcomes.

Note: This course content can be customized to a min of 1.5 hours to 8 hours. The best experience would be an in-person live session, we also offer video (live) webinar (virtual classrooms) and we can offer this course on our distance learning self-paced platform.

Presenter: Sean Cote of New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations Inc.
On-line or in-person
British Columbia