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Those interested in being considered for nomination or appointment to internal Law Society Committees or Task Forces, or to other organizations by the Law Society should complete and submit this online form.

For more information on the opportunities and responsibilities of appointees, and on the various external organizations to which the Law Society makes appointments and nominations, please refer to The Law Society Appointments Guidebook.

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Thank you for your interest in serving as a Law Society appointee or nominee. Please note that the selection process for Law Society internal committees and task forces happens once annually, towards the end of each calendar year. The selection process for external appointments is ongoing throughout the year. Short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Your application will be retained for 1 year. Please provide us with an updated application and information if you wish to be considered for voluntary appointments after that time.

Please also note that all candidates being considered may have their Law Society membership files and professional conduct record reviewed. The Law Society will respect and protect your privacy by ensuring that any information considered in such review, including any information provided in support of your expression of interest, is treated as confidential and used only for the purpose of reviewing your candidacy for appointment or nomination.

For more information on the Law Society appointment process, please contact

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