Current Credentials Hearings

Law Society hearings usually take place at the Law Society's office in Vancouver. Hearings are open to the public, although some portions may need to be closed to protect confidential client information.

Before you attend a hearing, confirm that the hearing is on schedule by contacting the Hearing Administrator.

Members of the media: Please contact Communications if you plan to attend a hearing.

Credentials hearings usually take place at the Law Society's offices in Vancouver.

Current credentials cases

The table below shows the outcome of all current credentials hearings:

Name Hearing ordered Hearing Review board Status/outcome
Nida Chaudhry Jan. 24/19

June 21-23/21

Hearing scheduled

Varinder Kumar Gora Dec. 5/19

Sept. 20-22/21

Hearing adjourned

Credentials Case Outcome

The table below shows the outcome of all credentials hearings:

Name Outcome
Gurvinder Singh Birak

Enrolled with conditions:

(a)  The Applicant will continue treatment and counselling for the medical issues outlined in the report of Dr. Janke dated October 13, 2018 (the “Janke Report”), with his physicians, or any other physician(s) to whom he may be referred (the “Treating Physicians”) and comply with the treatment plans, including medications and advice regarding alcohol consumption (the “Treatment Plans”), recommended by the Treating Physicians;

(b)  In addition to continuing treatment and counselling by his Treating Physicians, he will be monitored by Dr. Janke or any other registered psychiatrist to whom he is referred (the “Psychiatrist”);

(c)  At the end of his articling term and prior to submitting to the Law Society his application for call and admission, the Applicant will submit a further report to the Law Society from Dr. Janke or the Psychiatrist that provides an update to the Janke Report and confirms that he has continued to comply with the Treatment plans (the “Follow-up Report”);

(d)  The Follow-up Report will be provided for consideration by the Credentials Committee when determining his application for call and admission;

(e)  He will immediately instruct his Treating Physicians and/or the Psychiatrist to report to the Law Society any relapse or material non-compliance with his Treatment Plans; and

(f)  He will provide a copy of this Hearing Panel’s order and written decision to his principal or any new principal, prior to entering into an articling agreement with that principal.

Nicholas Dominato

Enrolled with condition:

The Applicant may be enrolled in the Law Society Admission Program at such time as he has satisfied the Executive Director that he has complied with all the requirements of Rule 2-54(1).

Jushin Preet Singh Ghuman