Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Notice to Admit

Roy Swartzberg

Coquitlam, BC

Called to the bar: November 13, 1998

Admission accepted: June 5, 2019

Counsel: Alison Kirby for the Law Society; Henry Wood, QC, for Roy Swartzberg

Former lawyer Roy Swartzberg admitted that he misled four clients as to the status of their actions and in two instances fabricated court documents and misled other counsel about the status of the client’ s actions. He also admitted that he failed to provide those same four clients with the quality of service expected of a competent lawyer. Finally, Swartzberg admitted that in one instance he lent money to his client without ensuring that she received independent legal advice, and that he accepted a gift from another client without ensuring she had received independent legal advice.

The Discipline Committee accepted Swartzberg’ s admission of professional misconduct on condition that he does not practice law or apply to be a member of the Law Society prior to June 5, 2026. Swartzberg also agreed not to directly or indirectly engage in the practice of law in BC, not to apply for readmission in any other law society prior to June 5, 2026 without first advising in writing the Law Society of BC, and not to work in any capacity whatsoever for any lawyer or law firm in BC without obtaining the prior written consent of the Discipline Committee.

Should Swartzberg apply for reinstatement in 2026, a credentials hearing must be held to consider his good character and fitness to practice law, and his professional conduct record would be considered at that time.

Rule 4-29 Admission of Misconduct and Undertaking