Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of a Decision of the President on an Application for Anonymous Publication of the Citation

Neal Burton Wang

Vancouver, BC

Called to the Bar: May 21, 1999

President: Craig A.B. Ferris, QC

Written materials: November 6, 2020

Decision issued: November 16, 2020 (2020 LSBC 55)

Counsel: Ilana Teicher for the Law Society; Joven Narwal for Neal Burton Wang

Neal Burton Wang applied for the publication of the citation in this matter to not identify him. The application is made under Rule 4-20.1, which was a recent amendment to the Law Society Rules.

Wang argued that there are extraordinary circumstances that outweigh the public interest in the publication of the citation, but did not identify the alleged extraordinary circumstances. He also asked the Law Society to provide him with a copy of the Executive Director’ s ruling under the previous rule, the related court file, and full disclosure of the Law Society’ s evidence it intends to lead at the hearing of this citation. He argued the new rule is “ novel” and it would be procedurally unfair to require him to make the application without reviewing these materials.

Given that Rule 4-20.1 is new, the president adjourned the application and ordered that publication of the citation be made without identifying Wang for one week to allow Wang the opportunity to file an amended application with proper evidentiary basis.

2020 LSBC 55 Decision on an Application for Anonymous Publication of the Citation