Admitted Discipline Violations

Summary of Rule 3-7.1 Consent Agreement

Glen Orris, QC

Vancouver, BC

Called to the bar: June 28, 1973

Consent agreement accepted: November 26, 2021


Glen Orris, QC admitted that in the course of acting for a client in a criminal matter, he communicated with members of the jury panel to advance or protect his client’ s interest.

During a break in the court proceeding, the prospective jurors asked Orris procedural questions about the matter and commented on the particular circumstances of his client. Orris answered the questions, as well as made comments in support of his client.


Orris admitted his conduct constituted  professional misconduct and agreed to be suspended for three weeks. In accepting the consent agreement, the chair of the Discipline Committee considered an agreed statement of facts and Orris’ prior professional conduct record, which consisted of one conduct review for communicating and interacting with a juror in a trial during lunch breaks.

Rule 3-7.1 Consent Agreement