Admitted Discipline Violations

Administrative Penalty

Summary of Rule 4-59 - Administrative Penalty

George H. Richards

Location: Surrey, BC

Called to the bar: June 14, 1985

Penalty deemed to be admitted: February 27, 2023


On January 28, 2023, an administrative penalty was assessed against George H. Richards for $5000. The administrative penalty resulted from a breach of the Law Society Rules, and specifically Rule 3-102 (requirement to verify client identity), 3-103 (requirement to identify directors, shareholders and owners), 3-104 (use of an agent for client verification), and 3-105 (timing of verification for individuals). These rules require a lawyer to verify the identity of instructing clients, for any file where the lawyer provides legal services in respect of a financial transaction.

Richards did not correctly complete the client identification and verification (CIV) procedures for four client files, three of which included non-face-to-face financial transactions.

Richards did not take one of the required actions outlined in Rule 4-59(4) by February 27, 2023, and he has therefore been deemed to admit the breach per Rule 4-59(5)(b).