Admitted Discipline Violations

Admission Summary

Admission to Discipline Committee



While appearing as counsel in BC Supreme Court on April 22, 1994, Mr. Cram conducted himself in a fashion that was intemperate and disrespectful.

A Law Society discipline citation was authorized against Mr. Cram. A hearing panel made an interim order on June 3, 1994 that Mr. Cram not appear as agent, advocate or counsel before any court or tribunal pending disposition of the citation against him or any variation of the panel's order.

On July 8, 1994 Mr. Cram was convicted in BC Supreme Court of criminal contempt of court as a result of his conduct. The court ordered that he pay a $10,000 fine and be prohibited from practising law until July 8, 1995. Mr. Cram paid the fine and has not since practised law.

Mr. Cram voluntarily ceased as a member of the Law Society on January 1, 1995 for non-payment of fees.

On July 8, 2004, pursuant to Rule 4-21, Mr. Cram admitted and expressed regret to the Discipline Committee that his conduct as counsel on April 22, 1994 had been intemperate and disrespectful to the presiding judge and to the court in general and that it amounted to professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming a member of the Society. Mr. Cram's admission constituted a resolution of the outstanding citation against him, and the Discipline Committee resolved to rescind that citation.