Unauthorized Practitioner

Edgelow Business Agencies Ltd.

Other names: Edgelow, Greville

Greville Edgelow and Edgelow Business Agencies Ltd., of Abbotsford, consented to a BC Supreme Court order that Mr. Edgelow make no representation that he is a lawyer and that neither he nor his company draw corporate documents or documents relating to a judicial or extra-judicial proceeding, a will, trust deed, power of attorney or document relating to probate or estate administration or an instrument relating to property for registration in a public office. The order also prohibits them from negotiating for the settlement of a claim or demand for damages, giving legal advice, placing at the disposal of another person the services of a lawyer or holding themselves out as qualified or entitled to offer any of these services for a fee: July 27, 2005.

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If you have any questions or concerns with respect to unauthorized practice, or would like to report a possible instance of unauthorized practice, please phone the Law Society or email us at uap@lsbc.org.

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For background information on unauthorized practice, visit What is Unauthorized Practice?

To file a complaint against someone you believe is providing unregulated legal services, contact the Law Society at uap@lsbc.org.