Unauthorized Practitioner

Rolin, Daniel

Other names: DZP Management Limited; AKL Management Limited; Family Law Centre; www.familylawcentre.com; Rolin, Ian

DZP Management Limited and AKL Management Limited, d.b.a. Family Law Centre and ‘www.familylawcentre.com’, Daniel Rolin and Ian Rolin, all of Toronto, Ontario, consented to an order prohibiting them from engaging in the practice of law for a fee, from commencing, prosecuting or defending a proceeding on behalf of another and from representing themselves as lawyers, a law firm or any other title that connotes that they are qualified or entitled to practise law. The Law Society alleged that DZP Management Limited and AKL Management Limited, Daniel Rolin and Ian Rolin engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by providing legal advice and referring clients the services of a lawyer for a fee in British Columbia. DZP Management Limited, AKL Management Limited, Daniel Rolin and Ian Rolin asserted that they have not provided legal advice to the public, and that they misunderstood a previous court order and the limitations under the Legal Profession Act with respect to operating a referral service in British Columbia. They have agreed to pay the Law Society $5,000, representing costs and restitution to former clients.

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If you have any questions or concerns with respect to unauthorized practice, or would like to report a possible instance of unauthorized practice, please phone the Law Society or email us at uap@lsbc.org.

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For background information on unauthorized practice, visit What is Unauthorized Practice?

To file a complaint against someone you believe is providing unregulated legal services, contact the Law Society at uap@lsbc.org.