Unauthorized Practitioner

A.M. CIE. Ltd.

Other names: von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg, Auguste Christiane Frederich; von Pfahlenburg, Christiane; Diener, Walther Kay; Argento Metals Compagnie Ltd.

Auguste Christiane Frederich von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg (AKA Christiane von Pfahlenburg, AKA Walther Kay Diener, and his company Argento Metals Compagnie Ltd., AKA A.M. CIE. Ltd.) was found in contempt of a contempt order.

In 2006, the Law Society obtained an injunction against von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg, restraining him from engaging in the practice of law. The Law Society learned von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg continued to engage in the practice of law and brought contempt proceedings against him. In 2008, the Court found von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg in contempt of a court order and ordered him to serve 100 hours of community service and to pay the society’s costs. Von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg did not complete any community service and has not paid the Law Society’s costs.

The Law Society obtained information that von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg continued to provide legal advice and legal services for a fee, and appeared to be soliciting business from vulnerable members of the public. The Law Society brought an application against von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg for breaching the 2008 contempt order. In November 2010, the Court found von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg in contempt of the contempt order. Von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg was sentenced to 30 days incarceration and ordered to pay special costs to the Law Society.

The Court has also ordered Auguste Christiane Frederich Von Pfahlenburg-Marienburg (AKA Christiane Von Pfahlenburg, AKA Walther Kay Diener) of Vancouver and his company Argento Metals Compagnie Ltd. (AKA A.M. CIE Ltd.) from appearing as counsel or advocate; preparing corporate documents, wills or estate documents, documents relating to real or personal estate or documents for use in a judicial or extra-judicial proceeding or a proceeding under a statute; negotiating for the settlement of a claim or demand for damages; giving legal advice; or representing that they are qualified or entitled to provide any of these services for a fee: January 31, 2006.

Auguste Christiane Von Pfahlenburg of Vancouver consented to be found in contempt of court when he breached an injunction made on January 31, 2006 prohibiting him from practising law. Mr. Justice Selwyn Romilly of the Supreme Court of BC placed him on conditions and ordered him to complete 100 hours of community work and pay $3,000 in special costs. He was also prohibited from identifying himself as a lawyer or practitioner of foreign law.

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